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Here's what I tell people when they wonder what to wear...

Wear something you love yourself in. Patterns, textures, stripes are all great. Family photos look really great if one person is in pattern, and the rest are in a solid that compliments that pattern. Jeans always look great on everyone, and khakis are also a classic choice. Remember, you want to capture what you are all about RIGHT NOW, so wear something that represents that for you.

The only thing I might advise against is big logos across the front of sweaters or t-shirts - the eye is really drawn to it in a photo and might not be the effect you want. You might want to make a statement with your logo though - a shirt with a cool saying or an art element - whatever you like.
If you love to wear hats and have a cool one (or two) that you would like pictures in, bring it along, and we can take a a couple after we get a few without the "hat head".

And don't feel that you have to choose only one thing. We will be hanging out for awhile - feel free to bring a change of clothes if you like.